Friday, April 06, 2012

Bethlehem Hit And Run Prevented By Witnessing Bus and Car Drivers (Video)

On April 2nd, a bicyclist was struck from behind by a driver on Fahy Bridge in Bethlehem, PA. Then something really cool happened.

When the driver immediately attempted to flee, a bus driver ahead of the crash blocked the driver's escape. A second vehicle boxed in the criminal, and a police office arrived shortly to take him into custody.
Hooray for helping!

The whole thing was caught on camera by the city's wireless camera system.

From the police report and the video, it seems the bicyclist was not seriously hurt (although his back wheel was torn in half). The driver will be charged under, among other things, the state's newly-passed 4 foot passing law.

A thousand good human points and a big thank-you to the bus driver, Mr. Richard Gubish Jr., and the other witnessing motorist, Mr. Judson Smull, for being compassionate and quick-thinking motorists. Nothing will curb the rate of hit and run crashes like our collective refusal to let such callous behavior slide.