Thursday, March 22, 2012

Participate In National Lobbying Day From Comfort Of Your TwitterCouch

As many of you know, this week is the National Bike Summit in Washington, D.C. Today (Thursday) is Lobby Day, when bicycling advocates pound Congressional pavement speaking to our elected officials about the importance of funding walking and biking.

Not in DC but want to amplify our collective voice? Tweet at your elected officials (or at least the 20-somethings staffers who manage their Twitter accounts). The League of American Bicyclists passed around the action alert below:

Tweet your Congress members to Save Cycling TODAY! 
As you may have heard (ok, definitely heard!) in our many updates, the League is currently hosting the 2012 National Bike Summit in Washington, DC. 
Maybe you're here in DC with us. Maybe you weren't able to make it - but you still want to be involved. Either way, make sure Congress hears bicyclists' voices loud and clear today. 
If you're here at the Summit, we appreciate the time and energy you're putting into Lobby Day today. For those of you at home, we want to make sure you're in on the fun. Tweet your representatives and let them know that, just because you can't be in Washington, doesn't mean you don't care about bicycling. 
Find your elected officials' Twitter handle, and tell them that you bike and you vote! 
Here are some sample tweets you can use: 
Hey [@RepresentativeX]: #ibikeivote, Support a clean extension of the transpo bill and Petri amend #nbs12

Hey [@SenatorX]: #ibikeivote, Pls support clean extension of the transportation bill #nbs12

Hey [@RepresentativeX]: Remember the freedom of ur first #bike? Support bike funding in the #transportation bill! #ibikeivote #nbs12

It may feel like one tweet to you, but it makes a big difference. Thank you for your help to Save Cycling!