Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why Congressman Pat Meehan needs to hear from you

All eyes are on Congressman Pat Meehan (PA-7). He sits on the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, which will be voting on the new House Transportation bill next Thursday. The bill
strips out funding for biking and walking programs, but, thankfully an amendment will be introduced to restore the funding.

Will Congressman Meehan support the amendment? Only if he hears from his constituents that they want him to. If you live in PA-7 (not sure? Check here) please call Congressman Meehan and ask him to vote in favor of the amendment that restores funding to Transportation Enhancements and Safe Routes To School.

His District phone number is 610-690-7323 .

TE & Safe Routes to School funds brought $10.3 to pay for the following projects in Congressman Meehan's district (PA-7.)

East Goshen Township Pathway Project
Phoenixville Streetscape Project
Phoenixville Streetscape Project
Landsdowne Borough Gateway Park & Pedestrian Bike Trail
Lower Chichester Sidewalks and Trail
Lower Chichester Controlling Outdoor Advertising
Marcus Hook Streetscape
Media Downtown Streetscape
Radnor Station Renovations
Sharon Hill Train Station Rehab.
Swarthmore Intermodal Trans Improvements warthmore Delaware
Brandywine Historic Landmark Delaware
Schuylkill Lock Restoration
Upper Darby Township Sidewalks
Nether Providence Township Township Sidewalks
Swarthmore Borough Pedestrian Access Upgrade

Do you tweet? Send Congressman Meehan a tweet that you want him to support funding for biking and walking

For example: Do it! I called @RepMeehan 610-690-7323 to ask that he vote 2 restore funding for biking and walking in federal transpo bill #bikePHL