Monday, January 30, 2012

Wednesday's Ben Franklin Bridge Ramp Discussion Moved To 9:30 AM

Note the New Time! The Ben Franklin Bridge ramp action item has been moved to the 9:30 AM Finance Committee meeting (from the 8:00 AM Operations and Management Committee meeting).*

It's still happening on Wednesday, still at One Port Center in Camden, NJ. Please join us at the meeting for a visible demonstration of the public support for this bicycle and disabled-pedestrian-friendly ramp. But now you can set your alarms later.

DRPA Finance Committee Meeting
Wednesday February 1st 
9:30 AM 
One Port Center, 11th Floor
2 Riverside Drive
Camden, NJ

View One Port Center in a larger map
*At the January 11th, 2012 DRPA meeting, the Finance Committee referred the bridge question to the Operations and Management Committee meeting.


Peter said...

I won't be able to make the meeting, but thought I'd pass along some comments.

As I posted before, I am slightly disabled and have a very hard time using my bicycle to commute to Philly from where I live ( Collingswood) due to the steps and have therefore reduced my trips into Philly.

I am one of the informal bike commuting promoters at my workplace in Cherry Hill and just yesterday was told by one of our younger employees that he quite commuting to work here from Philadelphia because he found the steps too difficult.