Thursday, January 19, 2012

HB170 vote delayed until Jan. 23rd

As reported earlier this week, HB170, PA's safe passing bill, was placed on the Senate calendar for a vote Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Unfortunately, the bill's vote was put off until Monday, January 23rd.

HB 170 requires motorists to give cyclists four feet of room when passing. If passed, it will move Pennsylvania into the ranks of states who provide cyclists with more protection from passing motor vehicles. A story ran in the Patriot-News

It's still worthwhile to call your Senator one more time to urge him/her to pass HB170 with no amendments and to ask leadership to put the bill up for a vote. You can find your Senator's office phone number by keying in your address here.

If you tweet, help us by participating in this twitter campaign.

Tweet at the Senate GOP @PASenateGOP and Senate Democrats @PASenateDems with the hashtag #hb170yes

Example tweet:
Vote yes for HB170 on Jan 23 to make PA roads safe - 4 feet 2 pass @PASenateGOP @PASenateDems #hb170yes #bikePHL


K Schwa said...

4 feet of room? I'm all for bicycling infrastructure, education and improvements, but this seems like another impossible and unenforceable law to crowd the lawbooks with. I would hope that when we pass a car we wouldn't be under the same provisions, however then this law becomes extremely vague unless in the most textbook of conditions.

John Boyle said...

This provision is not intended to measure the distance of every car that passes a cyclist. What it does do is assign culpability to the motorist who causes a crash by buzzing, grazing or striking a cyclist while passing.