Thursday, December 08, 2011

Two Student-Made Videos About Bicycling and Street Safety

It's Student Video Friday! Below are two recent videos, one made in Philadelphia and one in Florida, which emphasize bicycle and pedestrian safety. Both are made by students, and both are great viewing.

Video 1: BPSOS Talking To Philadelphians About Bike Lanes

Our Safe Routes Philly staff helped the BPSOS program this summer with its Summer Youth Bicycle and Environmental Program. The program led ten Philadelphia high school students through a 6-week examination of urban planning issues in the city, specifically surrounding transportation. We blogged about the program earlier this year.

In October BPSOS released a video, made by the students, about bike lanes in Philadelphia. The video is a great testimonial to the many different types of people who ride bikes in Philadelphia. It can be too easy to assume our cycling community is white and bedecked in Lycra. Spend any time in Philadelphia's different neighborhoods, however, and you will see that bicyclists are as diverse as the city itself.

You can see their video here or embedded above. Our own Cy Maramangalam was one of the people they spoke to about bike lanes. Cy cites statistics from our Mode Shift report, available here.

First down! Grant approved!
Video 2: Florida Children Hamming It Up While Teaching About The Utility Of Reflectors

The Safe Kids Northeast Florida organization received a $4,000 grant with which to make a video about pedestrian safety. (Interestingly, the $4,000 came about because Jacksonville Jaguar running back Maurice Jones-Drew is good at football.) The video they produced is an entertaining 5 minutes on why children should wear reflectors on their clothing and helmets.

It's clear from the video that the students enjoyed making it. The video, and the explanation of Maurice Jones-Drew's responsibility for the grant, is available on the Wolfson Children's Hospital website.