Friday, December 02, 2011

The Montgomery County Parks System Will Be Eliminated - Take Action Today

Do you like bicycling on the Perkiomen and Schuylkill River Trails? Visiting the Elmwood Zoo?

Due to a $40 Million Dollar shortfall in the 2012 Budget, Montgomery County Commissioners are proposing to eliminate funding for the entire County Park system along with the County Planning Commission. In short, the County is looking to plug a budget hole by tearing apart the County's park infrastructure.

The County Commissioners have stated they do not want to raise taxes to balance the budget. We understand they have an extremely tough job in trying to find wise, but sustainable, solutions to reducing this deficit. CLOSING THE ENTIRE COUNTY PARK SYSTEM SHOULD NOT BE ONE OF THE SOLUTIONS! This terrible idea would hurt both Montgomery County's quality of life and its economic activity.

No poppy fields in Lower Perkiomen Park next year. Parking lots will be closed and trails may be barricaded.

Is this the Montgomery County where we want to live and play?

The economic benefits of the Perkiomen and Schuylkill River Trails far outweigh their maintenance costs:
  • The Perkiomen Trail attracts 400,000 visitors a year who spend $4.4 million in goods and services. Yearly routine maintenance cost: $45,000 (source).
  • The Schuylkill River Trail boasts 800,000 visitors a year who spend $7.3 million (source).
The budget proposal also seeks to cut SEPTA bus routes which are subsidized by the County and eliminate the Planning Commission (the people who we are counting on to expand the County's trail network).

You can help, by letting our County Commissioners know how important it is to keep our County Parks, Trails and Historic Sites OPEN:
Proposed 2012 budget Public Hearing.
Wednesday, December 7 at 10:00 am.

Montgomery County Courthouse
Court Room A, Swede Street entrance 
Swede St and W. Airy Ave

Norristown, PA

Your action is needed to prevent this terrible blow to the quality of life of everyone living in or near Montgomery County!


Charles said...

I doubt there gonna close or tare up the parks. Tearing them up would cost money and there trying to save money. There probably gonna stop having the landscapers come though to mow the lawns and plant flowers and such and that's a good way to save money... is it that bad that the grass is gonna be long? oh wait I forgot this is the mainline so.... what would you rather have them do budget cuts on?