Thursday, December 15, 2011

Follow Up Coverage Of This Week's DRPA and US Senate Votes

Following up on two votes we were tracking earlier this week:

US Senate Committee Passes Complete Streets Amendment
We applaud PA Senator Pat Toomey for voting in support of the Complete Streets amendment to the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Enhancement Act. We blogged about this on Tuesday, and on Wednesday the amendment was approved unanimously by the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.

Coverage of Wednesday's DRPA Meeting 
The Delaware River Port Authority met on Wednesday and did not include money for the Camden-side ramp in their budget. The Philadelphia Inquirer covered the story, with this quote providing some hope for the ramp:
Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner, unsuccessful in his attempt to block the spending, then called on the board to early next year dedicate most of the unspent $10 million to two transportation projects cut from the agency's 2012 capital budget: a bicycle and wheelchair ramp on the Camden side of the Ben Franklin Bridge ($3.2 million) and the reopening of the long-closed Franklin Square subway station on the PATCO line in Philadelphia ($3.5 million). covered the meeting in detail, and CBS Philly quoted our own John Boyle in their coverage.