Monday, December 19, 2011

Ask Montco Commissioners to Preserve Funding for Trails at 12/21 Budget Vote

Our voice was heard once; let it be heard again!

Over 1,600 letters were sent via the Bicycle Coalition's website protesting the draconian proposal to eliminate, among other programs, Montgomery County's Parks & Heritage Services Department and the Planning Commission.

When visited last week by the Bicycle Coalition, Commissioner Hoeffel reported that the overwhelming amount of support the Commissioners saw for Montgomery County's trails and parks convinced them to back off their drastic budget proposal.

Nevertheless, Montco's Commissioners are considering across-the-board cuts to all Departments. when they vote on a final budget on Wednesday, December 21st. The budgets of Parks and Heritage Services & the Planning Commission have already been cut between 13-22% over the past several years. Further cuts will debilitate the County's ability to plan effectively for new trails and operate the parks and trails in place.

Ask the Commissioners to maintain Montco Parks and Planning at 2011 budget levels. Send a quick letter today! Let your voice be heard!