Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Volunteer Opportunity: Help Us Finish Our Bike Counts!

Count von Count is on vacation at the
US Census Bureau. His column returns
next week.
We are wrapping up our annual bike counts, but we could still use a few more volunteers this week and next!

What are bike counts? We stake out key intersections during the morning and evening commutes and count bikes. We also look for bad behavior like sidewalk and wrong-way riding, and we track gender and helmet stats. Each bike count takes 90 minutes and won't happen if it's raining or snowing.

Why do this?

  • We'll give you one of our sweet Halloween-orange I Bike PHL t-shirts for your help.
  • This data is critical to our research, deepening our understanding of how Philadelphia bikes and informing our advocacy.
  • Standing on a street corner with a clipboard gives you an enjoyable feeling of authority. It also makes you look like a canvasser, which means people are uncomfortable around you until they realize you're not asking them if they have one minute to talk about whale children's rights to unionize in rain forests.

Interested? Contact Nicholas at nicholas@bicyclecoalition.org or by phone (215-BICYCLE ext 311) to set up a time. Volunteers will score one of our Halloween-orange I Bike PHL t-shirts.