Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Results Of Our Dirtiest Bike Lane Survey (now with 4x the colorful graphs)

We had 101 responses to our survey last week asking which Philadelphia bike lanes are most in need of a good old street sweeping.  You can view the full poll results at the end of this post, but below are some select results (click to enlarge):

The "other responses" column was a smattering of lanes around the city, none of which cracked the top 10 (although Germantown Ave and Aramingo received multiple votes).

The majority of our respondents ride in bike lanes multiple times a day. This suggests we're dealing with people of formidable personal character whose gazes are fixed refreshingly upon the horizon and who, likely, are known to wear stylish fall coats with a certain effortless panache.
Sadly, no one considers Philadelphia's bike lanes to be a wonderland of cleanliness. Any psych majors out there who want to clue us in on what, from a psychological perspective, we really mean when we declare something to be average?
Our respondents are a hearty bunch, with 40% of them powering through dirty bike lanes. But nearly half find an alternate route. As we've discussed here many times before, bike lanes increase bike riding on that particular street and decrease bad behavior like wrong-way and sidewalk riding. This scientifically indomitable* study suggests that unswept bike lanes might lose some of this good effect.

*Not really - 'indomitable' is just a great word. So is implacable, venerable, and other words which sound like the names of old British ships of the line.

We will be contacting the winners of our I Bike PHL t-shirts in the next week. Thanks to everyone who responded to our survey! We will use this data to identify priority bike lanes which need cleaning, so stay tuned to this blog for updates on that effort.

The full survey results can be found below:
Philly dirty bike survey


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people of formidable personal character whose gazes are fixed refreshingly upon the horizon

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