Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Do You Know About Our Events Calendar? It Has Neat Events On It Like These...

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia's events calendar is a busy one, as there is always a lot happening in the region concerning bicycling, trails, active transportation, innovative urban planning, n' stuff. The basics of the bicycle haven't changed that much since it was invented, so we keep our internal calendar similarly old school. Our internal calendar as of this morning:
Sorry, I know there's some personal stuff mixed in there, too.
We want to keep you informed about these events as well, so we translate our calendar into a more modern format and post it online.

It's also available here, or here, or this other link too.

What does our calendar contain? Bicycle-related events in the region. Trail openings. Public meetings concerning active transportation. Bicycle Coalition events. Some examples:

Have an event you think belongs on our calendar? We have limited capacity to accept calendar submissions (we make our internal calendar using block printing, and chiseling out the wood takes time), but you can submit your events to If he thinks it fits, it'll go up.

So there you have it. The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia's events calendar. A calendar worth checking if you're into our kinda stuff. Which you should be, since, let's be honest, every word in our name is hip right now.