Friday, November 04, 2011

Delaware Co. Council Candidate Keith Collins's Responses to Our Bicycling Questionnaire

Here are Keith Collins's responses to our bicycling-issues questionnaire. He is running for Delaware County Council. His answers are underlined.

Delaware County CouncilCandidate Questionnaire - October 2011
Over the last decade, significant numbers of residents in suburbanPhiladelphia have switched over to using their bike to commute to work. Between 2000 and 2009, the percentage of bikecommuters grew by 488% in Chester County, 126% in Delaware County, 84% inMontgomery County and 67% in Bucks.

Despite this growth, bicycle facilities in these counties havelagged behind in Philadelphia. Anonerous PennDOT regulation called the Bicycle Occupancy Permit (BOP) causesmunicipalities to be unwilling to agree to allow bike lanes on stateroads. Consequently, there are only 14miles of bike lanes in the four counties, as opposed to over 200 inPhiladelphia. The Bicycle Coalition isworking to remove this regulatory obstacle to help promote the development ofmore bicycle facilities in suburban counties.

1. Would you support completing the region’s Trail Network by funding projects that would complete the East Coast Greenway and the Chester Creek Trail in Delaware County and study the Valley Forge to Heinz Refuge Trail?

As a marathon runner and cyclist I know the value both personally and environmentally to expanding efforts to produce more bike friendly roads and trails. As a candidate for Delaware County Council I can state without reservation that I support these efforts.

2. Would you support devoting more federal and state transportation funds to bicycle and pedestrian projects?

Without question I support this initiative.

3. Would you support implementing the Delaware County bicycle plan through PennDOT’s resurfacing projects?

Without question yes I support this proposal.