Sunday, November 20, 2011

Candlelight Vigil Tuesday For Kensington Hit and Run Victim

We will hold a candlelight vigil Tuesday for Mr. Gregory Loper, the bicyclist killed Friday evening by an SUV while riding in a bike lane in Kensington.  Details on the vigil:

NBC10 Philly has more information about the accident and the victim.  Some details:

  • The victim was Gregory Loper, a 49-year old father of 11.
  • The 22-year old driver, Brett Truskin, had been released from custody earlier that day after being charged with a DUI this past Wednesday.
  • The driver also struck an occupied vehicle.  The driver of that occupied vehicle was reported to be in the hospital in stable condition.

Our hearts, prayers, and sympathy are extended to the family and friends of Mr. Loper, and we are reminded yet again of the toll hit-and-run drivers take on pedestrians and bicyclists.


kodiakbiker said...

I have to admit stories like this give me ample pause as I plan my trip from Kodiak, Alaska to Key West, Florida. I have been reading through bike blogs across America to learn more about the local attitudes towards biking.

My blog is

I am born and raised in Kodiak, Alaska. I hope to learn more about my America through a bike ride across it this summer. I am interested in others' thoughts as I make plans.

Anonymous said...

This tragedy is an outrage. While the driver should be held accountable, we must also hold accountable the engineers and officials who have sanctioned deadly roadway design. If the victim had been on a separated cyclepath, would he have been hit? If the driver had viable transportation alternatives, would he have gotten behind the wheel at all?

Motor vehicles are inherently dangerous, and we must design our roads to accommodate them safely. We cannot expect people to always make the right choice at all times.

There has recently been similar outrage in London over equally tragic events. This article outlines an approach we should take.

Anonymous said...

it is an outrage.... and around the holidays.... father of 11 children.... i hope the driver goes to jail fro a very long time... i will keep Mr. Loper and his family in my prayers... I just seen the post about the vigil at 7pm....