Monday, October 03, 2011

One, One Bike! Two, Two Bikes! Help Us With Our Bike Counts! (a guest blog post from a bike count fan)

Our guest blogger
[ed. The following is a guest blog post from Count von Count]

Ah, greetings! I am The Count! Do you--look! Bicycles!

A bicycle is fun to ride. But do you know what I love to do more than riding bicycles? Counting bicycles! Ah ah ah ah ah!

The Bicycle Coalition also loves to count bicycles. They have counted bicycles every year since 1990! That's twenty-one years! They count bicycles to learn things about bicycling in Philadelphia.

Did you know Philadelphia has twelve letters in its name? That's right! Let us count them. P, one, one letter. H, two, two letters. I, three... [ed. edited for length]

That was fun. Anyhow. If you want to help the Bicycle Coalition count bicycles, you can! Between the 5th of October and the 30th of October. Here are one, two, three, four, five, six, seven things to know!
  1. Each shift is 90, 90 minutes long!
  2. Counts happen at either 7:30-9:00 am or 4:30-6:00 pm.
  3. Locations are in Center City, the Schuylkill bridges, West Philly, South Philly and Northern Liberties.
  4. The Bicycle Coalition will provide you with directions to the counting spot and a form on which to enter the counts!
  5. DO NOT count in the rain, or a beautiful dark thunderstorm. Unless you are counting lightning bolts for the Lighting Bolt Coalition. If it is raining, count on another day. 
  6. You can return the count form to the Bicycle Coalition via fax, in person, scanned and e-mailed, or sent via homing bats.
  7. Volunteers will receive one, one brand-new orange I BIKE PHL shirt, which is a color I like very much, but not as much as the color black. Did you know that the html hexadecimal color code for black is six zeroes? Six, six zeroes! Ah ah ah ah ah ah!
If you want to help count, send an e-mail to and they will coordinate a time and location for your count.

Now, let us count how many times I wrote the word count in this blog post. Ready? One, one count. Two, two counts...

[ed. edited due to infinite feedback loop counting method]


meenal said...

Ah ah ah ah ah! That was fun counting!