Monday, October 24, 2011

Bike Expo Seminar Preview: Bicycling and the Law

We're hosting a seminar series at the Philly Bike Expo, happening this weekend (October 29th-30th). Every seminar will take place in Griffin Hall at the First Unitarian Church (2125 Chestnut St). Here is another preview of one of our seminars:

Bicycling And The Law: Learn More About Philly's Give Respect, Get Respect Campaign & What To Do If You're In A Bike Crash
Sunday, October 30th
3:00 - 4:00 pm

Aaron Ritz (Mayor's Office of Transportation & Utilities)
Stuart Leon (Attorney at Law)

One of the most contentious bicycling topics in Philadelphia right now is enforcement. Is it happening? What is happening? Who is being targeted, and who should be targeted? This seminar will cover the City's Give Respect, Get Respect Campaign and the broader legal implications of city bicycling. What are your rights and responsibilities as a city bicyclist? As a motorist? What should you do if you are involved in a crash? Get authoritative answers to these questions from the Mayor's Office and a legal expert on bicycling issues in the region.