Thursday, September 29, 2011

Volunteer At The Philly Bike Expo!

The Philly Bike Expo is coming up on October 29th and 30th: two days of everything bicycle at the 23rd Street Armory.

The Bike Expo is not free to attend, but they are looking for volunteers! See where we're going with this? Volunteers get in for free.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Expo, shoot an e-mail to Bina at: or a "verbal e-mail" to her at 215-740-7068.

We are also looking for a few volunteers to help us man our table in the exhibition space. Send an e-mail to if you are so inclined. And don't worry - you aren't cheating on us or the Bike Expo if you volunteer for the other. We love you equally. (But we do wish you'd cut your hair. And maybe take us out to dinner once in a while? You've seemed a little distant recently. We don't want to push, because we don't want to be that bicycle coalition, but you know we're here if you want to talk about anything. You know that, right?)