Thursday, September 08, 2011

Update on 10th Street Bike Lane thru Chinatown

Here's a quick update from the Mayor's Office of Transportation about the 10th Street bikelane. They have met with some Chinatown business owners and briefed them on the specifics of the pilot program. They prepared a two page, bi-lingual handout and distributed it to businesses along 10th Street north of Market Street. The installation will begin after PennDOT's streetscaping project is finished in early October.

Here are the conditions of the pilot.
  • No parking will be removed
  • Loading and Unloading will be allowed
  • The Pilot program will last 3-6 months

10th Street Bike Lane Pilot Description in Chinese and English

p.s. If you want to encourage Chinatown businesses to support the bike lanes, mention that you use them to get to their store/restaurant.