Friday, September 16, 2011

Round One: TE supporters 1- TE opponents 0

Nearly 550 of you from PA, NJ and DE took action in response to our alert about Senator Coburn attempting to derail the transportation extension bill by offering an amendment to strip out the Transportation Enhancements. Many thanks to those of you who emailed your Senator! Senator Coburn felt some heat (over 50,000 emails and phones calls were made from around the country) and withdrew his amendment.

The Senate just passed the Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2012 (92-6), which now goes to President Obama for signature. This extends the SAFETEA-LU act until March 2012, which is going to make for a VERY interesting Bike Summit when the full reauthorization should be coming to a vote.
Senator Pat Toomey was one of the 6 who voted AGAINST extending the bill for six months. Why vote against a bill that makes no policy changes and incurs no additional cost? Senator Toomey's autoresponse to our emails said "Please be assured that I will keep your views about transportation funding in mind as work continues on the Fiscal Year 2012 budget process and a transportation reauthorization bill." Did Senator Toomey have your views in mind when he cast his no vote today? You Decide!

Send your Senator a thank you note for voting YES on the Transportation Extension bill. For those of you in PA, you can send Senator Toomey separate letter expressing your disappointment in him for voting NO. Click here to send a letter to both of your senators.


Anonymous said...

I love the Philly Bicycle Coalition...But what the hell was this bill about?

Sarah Clark Stuart said...

Senator Coburn wanted to strip out a dedicated funding program for bike/ped projects of a bill that would extend the federal transportation bill for 6 months. He was holding up the vote unless he could add on his amendment. He backed down and the Senate voted 92 to 6 to pass the Transportation Bill extension. Toomey was one of the 6 who voted against the extension.