Saturday, September 10, 2011

Miss Rockaway Armada Procession Today in Kensington

The other bicycle event happening this weekend, besides the Bicycle Coalition's Family Fun Fest being put on at Eakins Oval this afternoon and Bike Philly tomorrow morning, is the Miss Rockaway Armada Procession (#2) in Kensington.

The Miss Rockaway Armada is a group of performers and artists from across the country, including members of other artist collectives such as the Toy Shop Collective, Visual Resistance, The Amateurs, The Floating Neutrinos, among many others. The Philadelphia Art Alliance is sponsoring this project called, Let Me Tell You About A Dream I Had, in three components.

The first component was a flotilla for the traveling aspect of the exhibition, which had an outdoor launch along the Schuylkill River in late August and exhibition at the Schuylkill River Park Trail on Aug. 22-23. This was followed by traveling the flotilla through the streets to Clark Park in University City on Sept. 3rd and today, they are processing to the local artist collective Flux Space in Kensington. The culmination of the construction and these performances will evolve into the final component, which will be the exhibition in the Philadelphia Art Alliance building on September 30.

Specifically for the parades, the collective will work with Spiral Q Puppet Theater and FLUX Space to reach the residents who are served by these organizations directly in their neighborhoods. At each event, various improvisational performances will take place, including Shadow Puppet theater events and musical performances.

Today's MRA Parade begins at York and Front Streets at 5 p.m. and ends at FLUXSpace at 6:30 with performances at 3000 Hope Street.

If you're going to join the MRA Parade, there's no better way to continue celebrating bicycling in Philadelphia then to join us at Bike Philly. Registration ends today at 5pm, but you can also register day of tomorrow between 6:30-7:30 am.