Wednesday, September 07, 2011

book launch party tomorrow

ABC in Philadelphia has a nice video on their website about bicycling in Philadelphia and Julie Lorch's new book, which we've mentioned here before (thanks for the kind words, Julie!). The launch party for her guide to cycling in Philadelphia is happening tomorrow:

Launch Party for "Where To Bike: Philadelphia" by Julie Lorch
Thursday September 8th
6 to 8 PM
Cadence Cycling and Multisport
4323 Main St, Manayunk

Speaking of bicycling in Philadelphia, registration is still open for Bike Philly this Sunday! Ride 10 or 20 closed-to-cars miles through Philadelphia, or challenge yourself with a beautiful 35-mile ride out into the suburbs. The forecast seems to be saying the rain will stop for Sunday morning, so grab your jaunty bicycling gloves and join us!

Video from 6ABC below (original story here):