Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Tonight! Bike-In Movie Numbah 2: Quicksilver

We're back on the top floor of the South Street Whole Foods for another Bike-In Movie.  Last month we showed Breaking Away to 130 men, women, and one dog (see photos below).

This time, we're showing Quicksilver, which tells a truly timeless, riches-to-rags-to-bike-messenger-to-redemption tale.  It is also a Kevin Bacon vehicle, back when people thought Kevin Bacon required a vehicle to get places.

If the trailer doesn't make you want to see it, you're hopeless.

Do you like non-required RSVPing?  We partner with Facebook to offer such services.

What: free Bike-In Movie
When: tonight (Wednesday, July 6th)
Where: atop the Whole Foods parking garage
Address: 929 South St, Phila PA
Time: 8:00 pm; feature at 8:30 pm
Rain date: Friday, July 8th

What to bring?  Just yourselves.  We recommend a blanket to sit on or a low-backed lawn chair.  Little Baby's Ice Cream will be back, serving delicious flavors like coffee toffee and Earl Grey Sriracha.  EMS will also be on hand giving free bike safety checks.  Ample bike parking available, and Whole Foods will be open downstairs doing their thing.

Last month's Bike-In Movie.
Back in June, cheering for the Cutters.
Final note: 80's Wall Street or bike messenger outfits are optional but encouraged, in the way such outfits are in a perpetual state of encouragement.


Benjamin Cromie said...

Say what you will about that movie, the ice cream was great. Fun idea!