Monday, July 25, 2011

The Bicycle Coalition Wants Moonlighting Bicycle Messengers

Always dreamed of being a bike messenger? Do your knees go all wobbly when you imagine biking other people's documents around the city?

Well, we're in need of some bike messenger services. We've got 35,000 sweet Bike Philly postcards and hundreds of equally-sweet Bike Philly posters to spread around our fair city.

We haven't checked with the official Bicycle Cred Points Bureau (they're closed on Mondays), but we're pretty sure bike messengering for the Bicycle Coalition scores you a 2x cred multiplier.

Job duties:
  • Show up at our HQ at 1500 Walnut Street, Suite 1107 on or after this Wednesday afternoon.
  • Tell us what neighborhood or zip code is your "territory," "turf," "beat" or "route."
  • Take a list of destinations and Bike Philly postcards/posters.
  • Messenge (ok, it isn't a word.  Language isn't a static thing, deal with it).
Candidates who can deliver materials quickly while exhibiting a distracted-yet-professional air of bicycling competence are preferred, but not required.

Materials can be picked up at our office starting Wednesday afternoon and thereafter during normal business hours (9-5). Questions?  Contact us at caroline (at) bicyclecoalition dot org for more information.