Friday, June 03, 2011

Thanks To Everyone Who Helped Table the Bike Lane Bill--Let's Go to the Videotape!

A big Bicycle Coalition thank you to everyone who helped make yesterday's victory in City Council possible.

We're grateful to everyone who:
  • Sent in one of over 400 letters to Council,
  • Made phone calls to Council offices (remember to be polite and courteous in the future please!)
  • Followed @bcgp on Twitter and tweeted or retweeted the #redtapelanes hashtag,
  • Joined our Facebook page and used it to comment and shared posts,
  • Read and commented on our blog posts
  • Signed up for text alerts, and
  • Came to City Hall to hold up signs, testify and show the depth of the bicycle community's opposition to the bill.
Together we sent a clear message that the bike lane ordinance bill wasn't the right approach. Members of the Streets and Services Committee heard us and we thank Councilwoman Sanchez, Councilman Green, DiCicco and Greenlee for holding the bill to work out a regulatory solution with the Administration to formalize the Streets Department's public notice process.

Here's a videotape from Kelvyn Anderson-- Thanks Kelvyn for filming and posting this! Additional video of the hearing here.