Thursday, June 02, 2011

Attend Trail Walk Saturday -- Win Tickets to Cycling Championship Sunday

Philadelphia International Cycling Championship has generously donated a  Pair of VIP tickets to the 2011 Champions Row ($200.00 value) to the Manayunk Development Corporation and Schuylkill Project.  They will be raffled off to those who come on the Complete the Trail's Saturday Trail Walk to see the Cynwyd and Pencoyd Trails.

·         Free remote parking and shuttle service to the Start/Finish area
·         All day race viewing (9:30 AM until race finish at approx. 4:30pm) from the tented champions chow including catering and beverage service.

A perfect combined walk & bike weekend; take a family friendly trail walk on Saturday and potentially win two tickets to the Bike Race! Please join us for the trail walk on Saturday starting at 1pm that leaves from Manayunk, crosses the Schuylkill over to Lower Merion on Green Lane Bridge, travels part of the Cynwyd Trail, views the Manayunk Bridge, travels down to the old Connolly property and crosses the Pencoyd Bridge and back to Manayunk on Main Street.  This event is free, but we ask that you sign up here.

Saturday's trail walk from Manayunk to Lower Merion and back