Thursday, May 19, 2011

PPD Enforcement Campaign Details

As reported earlier this week, the City's Police Department launched a traffic enforcement campaign on May 16th directed at all road users, including bicyclists. We've been asked several questions about the campaign and for easier access to the materials developed by the City and being used by Police Department. Check out the Bicycle Coalition's new enforcement campaign page for details about the campaign, the City's press release, the handouts and a list of rules (and associated fines) that the Police will be enforcing. We've also answered most of the questions that we've received (still getting answers to one about whether or not mopeds are allowed in bike lanes).

Feel free to keep the feedback coming – we are inregular contact with the City and Police and are committed to sharing yourconcerns (or compliments). We will continue to work with the Police to help make their efforts more and more effective as they move forward. You can leave a comment on this blog, our facebook page, or send your thoughts to directly to the Bicycle Coalition's Education Director Breen Goodwin .


Anonymous said...

One of the items on that cycling list is not like the others. A hint: it's near the end.