Friday, May 06, 2011

Bicycle Coalition Publishes Major New Report

Big news: on Monday, the Bicycle Coalition will be releasing an unprecedented study of bicycling in the Greater Philadelphia Region.

The report is titled Mode Shift: Philadelphia's Two Wheeled Revolution In Progress. The report uses Bicycle Coalition and US Census statistics to examine regional bicycling trends over the past ten years. Mode Shift offers an in-depth understanding of bicycling in Philadelphia and the region. The resulting picture is of a growing bicycling movement in Philadelphia which places the city at the forefront of urban bicycling in the US.

The report contains data and analysis on many levels:
  • Philadelphia bicycling commuter rates parsed by census tract, planning district, and US Census-derived statistical geographic areas (PUMAs).
  • The effect of bike lanes upon bicyclist behavior.
  • Bicycle usage and behavior statistics for Spruce and Pine Streets, pre-and-post bike lanes.
  • Bicycling rates and helmet usage analyzed by gender.
  • Philadelphia's national rank for bike commuting.
  • Bicycle commuting rates for the 9-county Greater Philadelphia Region.
Mode Shift offers an unprecedented view of bicycling neighborhood by neighborhood, identifying bicycling corridors and areas of high and low bicycling. The report offers nuanced and statistically-driven evidence for increasing city investment in bicycling infrastructure.

Alex Doty will be speaking about the report Monday morning on WHYY's Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane. Tune in at 11 am.

The report will be available on our website on Monday. All we'll say right now: look out, Santa Barbara. South Philly's coming for ya.