Monday, March 28, 2011

Bucks County Bike Plan Public Meetings In April

A Bicycle Plan for Bucks County

A complete bikeway network will provide residents and visitors of Bucks County with a non-motorized option to efficiently access local and regional places of interest and commerce.

By providing opportunities for all types of riders, the master plan will expand bicycle facilities that will link important work, intermodal, shopping, recreation, schools, and tourist destinations.

A round of public meetings focused on obtaining feedback and opinion from the general public with regards to the vision of bicycling in Bucks County.The format for each public meeting will be a project presentation followed by a public involvement exercise.

The Meeting Times and Locations Are:

For more information go to the Bucks County Bicycle Plan website

A short section of the US 202 Parkway in Montgomeryville, showing bike lanes and an adjacent multi-use path that will extend to Doylestown.


Unknown said...

In Europe, bicycle trails and lanes are all over. In Germany I saw thousands of bikes in the cities. The U.S. is run by the auto industry and bike riding is often just too dangerous. I applaud you for trying to change things!