Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bicyling is the topic for 3/17 edition of Phila U's Ecoman and the Skeptic radio show

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This week’s topic:  On the Road: Biking Toward a More Sustainable Future
On episode 3, season four of Ecoman and the Skeptic, the bantering bards will broach the benefits of biking. Our guest this week will be Sarah Clark Stuart, campaign director who works on bicycle and trail issues for the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. Can you improve your health, bottom line and the environment on a two-wheeler? What are U.S. cities doing to encourage biking? Want to join the commuter challenge during national bike month in May? Tune in March 17 for another exciting episode of Ecoman and the Skeptic, including regular features Green News and the Green Wash quiz with Professor Rob Fryer.

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