Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Community Meeting about Amphibious Vehicle Tours on Lower Schuylkill

The Amphibious Vehicle Tours on the Lower Schuylkill meeting is Wednesday, December 15th at 7 PM, in the Auditorium of the Central Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia on Logan Square, 1901 Vine Street. Please RSVP

With the interest and concern about the possibility of Amphibious Vehicle Tours, commonly called “The Ducks” on the Lower Schuylkill, the Schuylkill River Park Alliance in association with the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Commission, Philadelphia Parks Alliance, Logan Square Neighborhood Association and Center City Residents Association is hosting an open informational community forum
Deputy Mayor and Managing Director Negrin will speak about the City's Request for Proposals (RFP) for an Amphibious Vehicle Tours on the Lower Schuylkill at this public meeting.

Potential operators, the respondents to the RFP, are invited to attend the meeting to listen to the community input and concerns, but are they are not obligated to making formal presentations.

RSVP  to learn more about the possibility of Amphibious Vehicle Tours on the Schuylkill River.


Unknown said...

Too bad, I found about this too late. To whom can I make the following proposal: there are three parcels the Google Maps shows that might be win-win locations for the Ducks and the trail. First, a triangle plot of land that lies between 34th and I-76, and appears to have a driveway that emerges on 34th behind the gas station at the Greys Ferry intersection; and either of the pieces of land immediately adjacent to Bartram's Garden. The first one is easily connected to major University City and Center City roads, and there is enough room the railroad tracks won't interfere; the other two have the advantage of making Bartram's Garden more of a destination and on tourists radar. One of the Bartram neighbors was a pile of construction debris getting sorted by bulldozers the last time I was over there. And in either case, a launch ramp is a legitimate piece of infrastructure for a river, especially if it can be used by anyone and not just the Ducks. When the trail extends south, the result of accommodating an existing ramp into trail design will lead to a more aesthetic result than cutting a ramp across the existing trail, and insisting on a high bridge to go in place where the path is presently level.

Sarah C. Stuart said...

please send your suggestions (and maps) to He is the Managing Director's Chief of Staff and is managing the project.