Monday, November 08, 2010

Bicyclist Killed on River Road in Washington Crossing

Joseph McBride, 58 of Ewing NJ and a member of the Princeton Freewheelers was killed Friday while bicycling on River Road near Overlook Avenue in Washington Crossing. A report in the Bucks County Courier Times stated that the victim drifted into the path of an oncoming minivan. However an unconfirmed report suggests that there was incidental contact with the rear wheel of a second bicycle that caused McBride to lose control and cross over the yellow line.

The Courier Times article has been inundated with negative comments about people on bicycles. These cowards, hiding behind their keyboards, believe that every tragedy involving a bicyclist is an opportunity for an anti-bike rant . Imagine if one of the TV stations covered the bike crash and some troll got on camera and recited "I almost hit one of these neon spandex wearing retards on my way to work". Why do news websites tolerate such inflammatory discussion when it involves the death of human being? Perhaps you can help restore sanity by leaving a supportive comment.

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Our sympathies go out to the family of Joseph McBride.

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Jenna McBride said...

This was my dad. I never came across the Courier Times article and I'm glad I didn't find it until now. What a bunch of fools, using an article about a bike related death to bash cycling. His accident was a fluke thing; it wasn't even the driver's fault. So why are they so angry? Really sick people.