Saturday, October 02, 2010

NJ and PA Give $14 Million for Trails and Sidewalks Back to the Feds

Next time you hear from a government official stating that "there is no money" think of the millions of dollars in Transportation Enhancements (TE) funds that NJ and Pennsylvania gave back last month.

Rescission's are givebacks of federal funds that states did not obligate or commit to a project. At times the Federal Highway Administration will ask for states to rescind some of their allocated funds, often for budgetary reasons. TE is often seen by state DOT's as insignificant and an easy target for givebacks. Although TE receives 1 to 2 percent of all transportation funds annually, it bore the brunt of more than 25 percent of rescissions.

New Jersey and Pennsylvania dutifully gave back nearly $7 million each, think of the inequity here. $7 million dollars is just 0.35% of the estimated cost for the 7 mile I-95 Revive Project but is enough money to pave 7 miles of trails or sidewalks. For Transportation Enhancements 7 is an unlucky number.

If you feel that Transportation Enhancements got a raw deal send an email to the Governor here.

Not every state was so unforgiving, Delaware deserves credit for giving back only $38,000 only 0.4% of their allocation. More kudos to a state which recently added a vulnerable road user law and bike lanes on the St. Georges Bridge over the C&D Canal.