Friday, August 06, 2010

New Full Time Night Hours For Bike Cabs

Some more burdensome rules have been removed for bike cabs. The latest change of orders for bike cabs now allows them to operate from Dawn until 2AM, with this new change of hours bike cabs will be allowed on sections of Market, Walnut, JFK, Race and Arch after 7pm.

Walnut Race and Arch are particularly important because it opens up the Walnut St shops, Chinatown and the Convention Center to the bike cab operators.

In other news the Old City Civic Association voted unanimously to allow full bike cab access. No word as to when Bike Cabs will be covering Old City streets.

Let's hope the City continues to take steps to enable this green mode of transportation to thrive. How about shifting Air Quality Alert dollars from brochures and TV PSA's to subsidizing Bike Cab rides and public transportation on those days?