Sunday, August 22, 2010

26th Police District Bike Registration

Monday (8/23) Tuesday (8/24) Thursday (8/26) 6-8pm
26th Police District (615 E. Girard Avenue)
The 26th District has been experiencing a rash of bike thefts in the area. Please help get the word out about the 26th District's Bike Registration Drive! Come out and register your bike with the district, just in case yours does get stolen! Do everything you can to prevent yourself from becoming a victim - use a U-Lock, and bring your bike inside overnight!

(Thank you to New Kensington CDC Weekly Updates and Reminders for this information)


Unknown said...

Is there a fee for registering your bike? and can anyone in any police district do it?

Breen said...

I would suggest contacting your specific police district for additional details - I do not know if there is a standard across districts.