Friday, July 30, 2010

Philadelphia's Naked Bike Ride #2 on for Sept. 5th

2009 Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride
September 5, 2010 (Sunday on Labor Day weekend) is the date of the Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride (PNBR) #2.  Following is an update from the Naked Bike Ride organizers that we got earlier this week.

All ride information about this and last year's ride appear on the wiki page.  PBNR is asking that people to spread the word:

1. Forward this blog post (email)
2. Download and share the PNBR#2 poster
3. Subscribe for updates

PBNR is seeking volunteer organizers and ride-day volunteers: email to volunteer. For detailed information, check the Volunteer! section of the Wiki page


Lacey25 said...

I would hate to see the way people persuade other people at their place of work. If managers or lawyers, they bare all?