Thursday, July 15, 2010

New amenities in Wissahickon & on SRT good for cyclists

As reported in today's Inquirer, two new cafes have opened in Fairmount Park to comfort tired, hungry and thirsty bicylists, hikers, and runners.  This is a welcome development, considering that the Lloyd Hall cafe has been closed all summer. Kudos to the many different folks involved in making these two eateries possible, including Phila's Dept. of Park and Recreation and the Fairmount Park Historic Preservation Trust.

In East Falls, situated under Roosevelt Boulevard along  Kelly Drive is Trolley Car Cafe at the Bathey.  According to Destination Schuylkill River:
 "The historical structure, once a bath house, was rehabbed to accommodate the eatery, while also providing amenities to trail users including bicycle rentals, restrooms and an interactive gateway exhibit. What's more is that there is a convenient low-cost public parking lot (50 cents an hour!) located right there which makes East Falls a great jumping off point."

At the top of Wissahickon Park is the recently opened Cedars House.  Geared towards runners, it's a great spot for mountain bikers to stop in to grab a bite.

Note: each eatery has BATHROOMS (for customers only) and the Bathey House has Bike Rentals by Valley Forge Bicycles!