Thursday, July 22, 2010

London Debuts "Barclays" Cycle Super Highways

Imagine investing a $150 million dollars this year to build a numbered network of Bicycle Superhighways between Center City and the Suburbs. That's what London is now doing.

London's Cycle Superhighways are actually enhanced bikeways consisting of bicycle boulevards, colored bike lanes, cycle-tracks and bike boxes. are sponsored by Banking and Investment giant Barclays. The routes are contiguous and united by route signage and a distinct blue pavement.

Barclays also sponsor bike sharing in London.

As of July 19th the first two routes have opened CS3 and CS7.


Bike said...

London is not timid when it comes to Bike Sharing. In 8 days Barclays Cycle Hire hits the streets of London with 6000 bikes available at 400 bike stations. That amount of bikes and stations would do Philadelphia very well. Maybe Philadelphia shouldn't be so timid.

meenal said...

Very exciting! Congestion tax headed into Central London, and now this! Worth replicating here.

Meenal / Philly Electric Wheels

Anonymous said...

They definitely have the money to do this, so I'm glad they are giving something back that will last for generations. I look forward to exploring. :)