Friday, July 23, 2010

Lenape School District (NJ) Charging Students For Parking

Thursday's Burlington County Times reported that students who drive to school and use district parking lots will be required to buy a $50 parking permit. The school district estimates that the permits will generate $80,000. That's a whopping 1600 permits for four high schools, 3200 vehicles a day is a lot of traffic. For the 180 day school year that boils down to 30 cents a day. Revenue will not be put back into transportation but instead pay for School programs.

Lenape Regional is a huge district by NJ standards (250 Square miles) but with school district budgets shrinking this may not be the only place that implements paid parking for students. That and the elimination of courtesy busing in some districts may increase the demand for safe walking and biking routes to schools.

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Carranza Road is a popular recreational cycling route. But at sprawling Seneca High School in Tabernacle Twp. the wide shoulder has been replaced with a right turn lane.

The comments predictably shows students are not happy, and expect it to be a free service, "What's next pay toilets?" said one. As if land, paving, plowing, maintenance, traffic signals and turn lanes are free. Taxpayers are already paying for bus service (17.5 billion dollars worth nationwide) subsidizing parking for students only adds to the districts hidden transportation costs.


Anonymous said...

See what happens when you take that extra minute to do something right. You actually find the article with the comments. Unlike your first attempt, by the way nice touch deleting all the comments associated with this blog post. Great way to cover up that not everyone agrees with you.

John Boyle said...

Thanks for the kind words Don.