Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Coming Soon Market St Bike Lanes in University City

The Streets Department is chalking in the template for bike lanes on Market Street between 34th and 38th. These will be the first new major bike lanes installed since Spruce and Pine Streets last fall.

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Photo Credit Gregory Jordan-Detamore


caduceus said...

Can someone please tell me how 4 blocks of isolated bike lane will help???? How about fixing the ABYSMAL and dangerous lanes on Chestnut instead? And for that matter, the northbound bike lane on 38th surrounding Market street is poorly marked, and the cars are actually diverted IN to the bike lane on the north side of the intersection. I fully support improvements to the infrastructure, but find it difficult to celebrate absurd, isolated blocks of bike lane.

John Boyle said...

Two actions that I would recommend:

1 - Compile a list of bike lanes that need fixing and submit them to 311, you should also contact the Bike/Ped Coordinator,Councilwoman Blackwell and the University City District.

We request bike lane refreshment all the time and the response we get is that resources are very limited within the Streets Department. There is a better chance of a response when citizens demand that facilities need attention.

2 - Later this summer or fall work will begin on phase 2 of the bike plan which will cover the rest of the city. That will be the best time to exchange ideas to improve the bike infrastructure for University City

FYI bike lanes exist on Market from 38th to 44th so this extending bike lanes that were somewhat isolated.

Erin said...

These lanes aren't isolated, Market already has bike lanes above 38th. I use them daily, and am happy to see them continued to 34th, where the lane continues to a lane on Chestnut for those who are eastbound.