Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bicycle Coalition Calls for Better Walkway on Ben Franklin Bridge

Today the Bicycle Coalition released a report on the state of the Ben Franklin Bridge walkway Crossing the Delaware for Transportation Independence

The bridge walkway provides a low cost, scenic and carbon neutral way to travel between Philadelphia and Camden. But arcane policies plus the lack of planning and investment to improve the walkway has resulted in a facility that leaves much to be desired, furthermore a high quality bicycle and pedestrian path fits within Delaware River Port Authority's mission:

Emphasizing safety and customer service, the Delaware River Port Authority Enterprise
provides quality transportation services across the river, and invests in the economic growth of Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.

The report recommends that the Port Authority:

  • Accelerates the design of a new ramp in 2011 to replace the three story stair tower on the Camden side of the Bridge
  • Makes the entrances to the Bridge on both sides of the River more welcoming and inviting
  • Develops a snow removal policy that opens the walkway as soon as possible during weather related events

Making the Philadelphia and Camden waterfronts seem more like an integrated community and less like an international border crossing can also enable economic opportunities. A revitalized walkway could create a new tourist attraction, offer better access to jobs for Camden residents and enhance the quality of life for new waterfront residents and the surrounding neighborhoods.

BF Bridge Stairtower


Peter said...


Many a day I think about making a bicycle trip involving the BF bridge and think. "Ew, too much trouble". Especially with a loaded bike weighting maybe 50 lbs or more.

And making it more inviting at either end would help entice more people to use it.

Snow removal, almost a dream.

Anonymous said...

Do it, DRPA!

I use the walkway nearly every day and have marveled in the view nearly every time. Fixing it up ala NYC's "high line" is an awesome idea.

Thanks for the push on this.