Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Street Resurfacing to begin in Philadephia--including Spruce/Pine

Last week, Mayor Nutter and Streets Commissioner Clarena Tolson announced that Philadelphia will be resurfacing 58 miles of city streets (606 blocks) and replace/upgrade 2,160 curb cut ramps.  Philadelphia is also using $15 million in federal stimulus dollars to repave an additional 27 miles (203 blocks) of city streets and repair or upgrade 2,038 curb cut ramps.

Here's the street improvement schedule for the week of June 1st.

Our understanding from the Mayor's Office of Transportation that Spruce and Pine will finally be repaved (and re-striped), although most likely not until Fall 2010.  Pine Street will be resurfaced from 15th Street to Front Street. Spruce Street will be repaved from 38th Parallel Place (where the cobblestone ends) to 4th Street and from 8th Street to Broad Street.


caduceus said...

Thank you for posting this - it is incredibly helpful to plan my commute.

liz said...

I can't wait to cruise down the bike lane on that fresh pavement.