Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Schuylkill River Trail Counters monitor number of uses

Philadelphia's Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) monitors 4 automatic counters that are located on Schuylkill Banks, Boathouse Row, East Falls Bridge and Manayunk Tow Path.  DPR staff have downloaded the count data from March to May.  For this 92 day period, the numbers look amazing.  Below is the weekly average "use", which is one pass in front of the counter, for each of the four locations along the Trail.

Schuylkill River Trail at Schuylkill River Park (Schuylkill Banks): 21,585
Boathouse Row: 28,106
East Falls: 9849
Manayunk Tow Path: 3004

DPR staff will be providing us with this data on a quarterly basis, and we will post it as we receive it.


Eric said...

Excellent! I see plenty of people bright an early every morning on the Schuylkill Banks.