Monday, June 14, 2010

Bicyclist Struck By RiverLINE Train in Trenton

A 29 Year Old Herbeth J. Vasquez-Tuch was killed Friday Night at the Cass St RiverLINE Station in Trenton. According the Trentonian "Vasquez-Tuch was biking northbound on a platform parallel to a northbound train “and for whatever reason, the bicyclist suddenly turned to the left and was struck by the front of the train,” Stessel told The Trentonian on Saturday."

As a regular RiverLINE commuter the description sounds to me that the cyclist got off the train, rode on the platform down the ramp and tried to beat the train. This has happened before, a similar type of crash occurred in Burlington City in September 2008 which resulted in a cyclist being injured.

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