Friday, May 28, 2010

You Did It! Bike Lane Fans Win

Thanks to everyone who rallied and let their fingers do the voting on the need for more bike lanes in Philadelphia.  After we put out our call for action Wednesday afternoon, over 1000 people voted in the reader poll.  By the end of today, 1607 voted and the results are: 84.6% voted "yeah!" , while 15.3% voted "no".   This highly scientific poll indicates that there is plenty of support for the Philadelphia's forthcoming bike/ped plan which will recommend a doubling of the city's current number of bike lanes.  Your support for the plan is needed and we thank you for making it known.


phillygoat said...

Did you happen to get armchair statistician Mr Bykofsky to sign off on his organization's methodology before the Daily News ran the survey?

Anonymous said...

If the Coalition would stop helping Mr. Bykofsky when he writes a column this survey would never have happened