Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Now This Is An Office!

According to the Delaware Valley Green Building Conference has awarded third place to the Swedish Firm We Are You in a Bicycle Transit Center design competition. The proposed location is the troubled corner of 8th and Market. Site of a parking lot that replaced the Disney Hole.

The building included bike parking for 250 bikes and a 5,000 Square Foot office for the local bicycle advocacy organization.

By the way the DVGBC site has not published the names of the winning designs on their website. Regardless, don't expect such a smart and grand structure to be built anytime soon.


Dr. Phila said...

JUST CURIOUS, WHAT ARE BCGP's current office space usage? Coud you even use 5k/sq ft?

John Boyle said...

We currently have outgrown 1100 Sq ft space and we are planning to move to a 2000 Sq ft space in the near future. But you're right nowhere near 5K, nor could we afford all that space alone.

Dr. Phila said...

even still, could be an opportunity for other "bike-based" businesses/orgs to move in and share that space.

This is a very intriguing idea for an incredibly underutilizing urban space.