Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Long awaited bike cabs and Delaware River bike/ped trail to launch on Thursday 5/27

11:30 am -- Bikecabs start in Philadelphia (finally!)
Philadelphia Bikecab Alliance is holding a press conference at Dilworth Plaza (north side of City Hall) to announce that bikecab services in Philadelphia will begin this holiday weekend. The Philadelphia Bikecab Alliance, made up of Velo Park and Chariots of Philly, will be joined by City Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown and City transportation officials to discuss their efforts to promote the safe operation of Bikecabs and announce the launch of Philly's first green vehicle-for-hire service. 

12:30pm -- First Phase of Delaware River Trail to Be Opened (finally!) by Mayor Nutter
Mayor Nutter will (re)inaugurate the first section of the Delaware River Trail that is now under the jurisdiction of the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation. This trail, designed by the Center City District, has been delayed by a variety of issues. The trail section between Pier 64 and Washington Avenue is being opened.  We'll be there to see the trail for ourselves. Bicyclists are encouraged to come. Here are more details from the press advisories we've received.

Location of Press Conference: The start of the Delaware River Waterfront Trail at Pier 64.  North of Pier 70 Shopping Center.  Turn off Columbus Boulevard into the shopping center parking lot just north of Mifflin Street & continue east through the lot to the water’s edge & make a left onto the surface road and proceed north behind Walmart.

Who: Mayor Nutter, along with Councilman DiCicco (invitation pending), Paul Levy, President of the Center City District and Tom Corcoran, President of the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation will unveil the first phase of the Delaware River Trail, which is now open and ready for bicyclist enthusiasts.


CharioteerBen said...
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CharioteerBen said...

We can't wait to see everyone there! Thanks for your support, BCGP! After all these years we are thrilled to get our chariots back on the street.

We are thankful for the opportunity we had to work with Ronn Ash of Velo-Park & Rob Stuart of Evolve Strategies this past year or two in the final stages of the regulation process, and to continue working with them in the future through the Philly Bikecab Alliance.

Don't forget to come to the celebration happy hour for photo op's and free rides at Con Murphy's, an Irish Pub at 17th St & Benjamin Franklin Parkway at 5:15pm the same day as the press conference. See www.phillybikecaballiance.org for more details on both events.

-Ben Dambman, Chariots of Philly, Philly's first bikecab (pedicab) service, established in Manayunk in 2003. www.chariotsofphilly.com

Dan said...

I'm not sure I understand the appeal of bikecabs. Why not just walk around the city? Then again I don't understand the Ducks, horse drawn carriages, or the tour buses. I think the Bike Coalition should be encouraging people to be active while exploring the city instead of promoting another way for tourists to passively take in the sights.

Chris Dougherty said...


I think this move authorizing bikecabs is more about creating 'grease collar' jobs for Philadelphians. Tourists will continue to seek the path of least resistance in siteseeing anyway.

Unknown said...

Next time you are standing on a street corner and a car or truck drives by, for the 5 or 6 seconds it takes for the vehicle to pass, try taking a nice deep breath and hold it in. Then repeat for next vehicle, etc.
My point is that we are killing this planet by pumping millions of tons of pollutants into the air and water and this is not sustainable. Its easy to be complacent and see it as the governments problem or someone else's problem but even if you don't drive or own a car its your problem.
Having alternative ways of getting around is part of an overall solution that is fortunately happening in our city sooner than later.
Just a drop in the bucket you say? Look at the big picture.
This makes more real a vision of Philadelphia as a Green City and moves one step closer to a better tomorrow for our children.
OK now exhale and repeat....