Thursday, May 20, 2010

LAB - NJ and DE Go Bronze while PA Slowly Rusts

On Wednesday the League of American Bicyclists announced the 2010 Bicycle Friendly States rankings which are based on a 95-item questionnaire that evaluates a state’s commitment to bicycling and covers six key areas: legislation, policies and programs, infrastructure, education and encouragement, evaluation and planning, and enforcement.

In the rankings New Jersey advanced from 10th to 8th, Delaware ceded it's 9th place ranking to Arizona and fell to 10th while Pennsylvania slipped further towards the bottom, dropping from 40th to 42nd place alongside a slew of southern states.

New Jersey and Delaware took the extra step of applying for a Bicycle Friendly State award designation which enables states to receive further recognition and promotion of their efforts as well as feedback, technical assistance, training and further encouragement to improve their bicycling legislation, projects, and programs. Both were awarded Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly State designation and in fact were two of the three states that received a Bicycle Friendly Award, with Oregon receiving a Silver designation.

View the entire state ranked list and a breakdown of how the states fared in each evaluation

New Jersey and Delaware join Philadelphia and Newark DE (Bicycle Friendly Communities) as well as CityRyde (Bicycle Friendly Business) with Bronze level awards. Look out George Hamilton.


deedubya said...

There needs to be more done to get PennDot to increase the amount of text devoted to Bicycles in the PA Drivers Manual. There's barely a paragraph regarding bicycles. They always say get it in writing and when cyclists can point to a few pages acknowledging our right to be on the roads, more drivers will understand and comply.