Thursday, April 01, 2010

Spring Is In The Air- Can You Help New Bicyclists Ride Safely?

As you've probably noticed (especially if you're near a window to stare out of) the weather is gorgeous, and along spring has brought out a huge number of bicyclists -many of them new riders- trying to take in the sun during their commute or for recreation.

Over on the BikePHL blog, the Bicycle Ambassadors are encouraging everyone to spread the message of bicycle safety and encouragement to your friends and acquaintances! Remind them to follow the rules of the road and ride with traffic, or pick up a few copies of our "Guide To Biking in Philly" and hand them out!

Read more at! And don't forget to RSVP for Philadelphia's 1st-ever Courteous Mass on Saturday, April 10th.


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