Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SEPTA Silverliner V Cars On Display

SEPTA Silverliner V
Originally uploaded by Philly Bike Coalition

SEPTA has put the new Silverliner V cars on display on Track 0 at Suburban Station.

The cars are scheduled to go in service this fall with better bike access. No rolling down the aisles with these cars. Bikes will be stored in the accessible area both of them directly across from one another.

There is one glitch that we will be asking SEPTA to fix - no tie downs to hold the bike in place and no "bikes go here" signage.

The cars will be on display until tomorrow from 11am - 6pm.


Andrew J. Besold said...

And how many bikes could be stored in these areas if a simple and inexpensive vertical bike rack was installed, a la' RiverLINE? I see room for only 2 bikes on the ground in the photo. With racks I see room for at least 4 with room below to still store luggage!

SEPTA is 20 years behind international industry standards. Unfortunately NJ Transit is not too far ahead either. The RiverLINE is a fluke in bicycle access because the trains were designed and built by a Swiss company that knows a thing or two about bicycle access.