Friday, April 30, 2010

Nightmare Construction At Delaware and Frankford

Construction crews on Delaware Ave in front of the SugarHouse Casino in Fishtown have given bikes and pedestrians the boot onto Delaware Avenue. A "bike detour" that squeezes cyclists with vehicles traveling above 50 mph is hardly a "detour".

Intrepid cyclists pedal swiftly to merge with fast traffic on Delaware Avenue.

Columbus Blvd and Frankford Ave

View Delaware and Frankford Detour in a larger map

A possible way to avoid the mess is to use 3rd to Girard and Columbia St.


Anonymous said...

This sort of thing is illegal in other cities and I can't believe it goes unchecked in Philadelphia. Delaware Avenue is a train wreck even without this obstruction.

Tanya Seaman said...

Instead of a detour, can we get the City to make them move the barriers in the width of the bike lane? We don't need an accident to be the reason.

Kristi said...

Even when the bike lane was available along that stretch of Delaware, it was a mess. Construction debris all over the bike lane, etc. Total disruption to my bike commute. I guess I will have to start taking Girard through NL, which is also dangerous for a biker. Wah-wah.

Unknown said...

There is no excuse for this. The city bike/ped coordinator should be focused on this sort of thing. All construction along bikeways MUST accomodate bike traffic. Close another travel lane to cars if need be. Put out some cones and create a temporary bike lane. Then again, the city handles sidewalk closures with little consideration for safety, so an intense cultural shift in how the city permits construction is in order.

Dave Z said...

Gone are the days of protest, so things like this are easy to get away with. Wonder what the quid pro quo will be.